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7 reasons to join Born2Hike

  • 1 1. Motivation Participating
    You will be motivated to try new places, hike more often, push yourself farther
  • 2 2. Community
    Meet new people who share your passion for hiking. Who knows? you might even find a new romance out on the trail
  • 3 3. Appreciation
    Find a new appreciation for the great outdoors, the wildlife, the native plants or even some new hiking gear
  • 4 4. Stewardship
    Volunteer with others to join a mutual cause for restoring outdoor spaces and park lands for a fun and rewarding experience.
  • 5 5. Health
    Hiking means more exercise, more outdoors, more fresh air more de-stressing. It's a superb activity for mind body and spirit
  • 5 6. Benefits & Discounts
    Being part of a group gets you instant perks like discounts on park admissions and hiking gear from selct dealers.
  • 5 7. Travel
    Take advantage of our club's trips to discover new places and hiking spots.


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About Us

During the spring of 2003, a friend of mine invited me to join him for a hiking experience. At that moment, I didn't know that hiking would later mean that much to me! Indeed, I can honestly declare that hiking has changed my whole world.

Through hiking, I discovered nature and my own country from a different perspective. It is amazing how a small hike can make you look deeply into those Things that you have looked at years:
the pine trees, the oaks, the birds, and the blossoms of an early spring...

My interest in hiking only grew as days passed until that day in 2011 when I decided to start my own hiking club: Born2Hike was born !

Today, I still feel the same passion for hiking. I want to discover more of those hidden places and secret trails. I wan't to walk where almost no man has walked before! Are you up for the challenge?

Born2Hike Founder:
Issam Diab

My Hike

  • My Outfit
  • My Equipment
  • My Nutrition

My Outfit

My Equipment

  • Backpack
  • Walking poles more...
  • First Aid kit more...
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen more...
  • Headlights – flashlight – torch more...
  • Camera
  • Personal medication

My Nutrition

N.B: For the day hike, the needed food is to recharge you fast and help you to get going. There is no need for food rich in proteins.


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